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We are a company of trailblazers and creative ideas. We ensure QuoMarkets people feel empowered to express their views and believe that their voice matters.

We don’t just play the game.

We don’t do things by the book; we commit to creating, improving on, and innovating to make a difference in the industry. QuoMarkets pioneered in investing technologies, building a whole new community of entrepreneurs and investors, is changing the culture around the financial market – and we’re just getting started.

We create power through diversity.

We are not a place of all one’s own. Our goal is to share explicit products with everyone in the world. Our platform is where everyone can reach to express solidarity and feel welcome. And to keep it up and running, our team has to be of diverse backgrounds and experience as our community.

You will be in good hands

Marketing Coordinator

Limassol, Cyprus

Business Development Manager

Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Philipines, Cambodia, China

Operations Manager

Limassol, Cyprus

Operations Manager

Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Evening Customer Experience Representative


Weekend Customer Experience Manager


Product Owner VR

Limassol, Cyprus

Business Intelligence

Limassol, Cyprus

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