Tiền điện tử so với cổ phiếu: Sự khác biệt là gì?

Want to make your money grow but don’t know which investment to choose? Between cryptocurrencies and stocks, which one should I invest? 


With the rise of cryptocurrency, many investors wonder if publicly traded stocks are still profitable. Sometimes, hesitation even sets in among trading enthusiasts to choose between cryptocurrencies or stocks. How to make the right choice? Which is the best investment? One thing is for sure; there are many differences between these two types of online assets. 


Cryptocurrency vs. stock: what is it? 

Before you start trading, you must know what you want to invest in. Weigh the benefits and especially the risks of the investment. 


To understand the difference between these two types of investments, it’s a good idea to start by defining them. In practical terms, a share is a fractional interest in a company. It is shared in small portions within a quota to obtain profits. On the stock market, investors trade shares listed on the exchange.  


As for cryptocurrency, as its name suggests, it is a virtual currency that is exchanged on the Internet through specialized platforms. Among the most popular on the market are Bitcoin and Ethereum. In principle, cryptocurrency is not backed by any hard asset. Instead, it is a purely speculative asset. 


What is the difference between cryptocurrency and stock? 

Here are the main differences between crypto money and stock in detail: 


Liquidity issues 

Stocks are more liquid than cryptocurrencies as they have more trading volumes. On the other hand, the “cryptocurrency” market has fewer investors, except for Bitcoin and Ethereum. 



When you buy shares, you become an owner of a percentage of the company. However, if you buy through a broker, the broker takes ownership of the claims. On the other hand, if you invest in a cryptocurrency, it is permanently yours until you sell. 



What leads investors to fear the cryptocurrency market is mainly its high volatility. It is often difficult to predict price fluctuations. Same with the stock market, except this one has less risk due to the more stable asset prices. 



Constantly monitored, the stock market is highly regulated with strict margin requirements. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies are more accessible and less restricted. 



Cryptocurrencies offer more diversification than stocks. Often dependent on global economic and political factors. Although this is a non-exhaustive list, these different parameters already allow you to make the right choice between cryptocurrencies and stocks. 


Short-term investment: cryptocurrencies or stocks? 

In the short term, cryptocurrencies are an attractive investment with significant earning potential. As a highly volatile market, the risk of loss is pervasive and rapid. In practical terms, virtual currencies are not backed by cash flow. These digital assets can rise suddenly and then fall again. Not all transactions produce the same profits. Nevertheless, e-currencies are designed for immediate gains. 


What is the best long-term investment? 

Experts agree that the best long-term investment is in stocks. In the stock market, supply and demand determine the price of assets. Stock prices fall when supply exceeds demand and vice versa. Before you choose a stock, you need to anticipate its performance because the price trend is essentially linked to its development potential. In other words, if the underlying company can increase its profits long-term, the stock will increase in value. Note: So far, stocks have had the best long-term returns. 



To summarize, the faster you can expect a return, the higher the risk (which is the case with crypto-currencies or shares in promising startups). Which will only become attractive in the long term (shares in large CAC40 companies, in the luxury sector, etc.). On the other hand, a less risky investment will allow you to consider a lower return. 


Don’t take reckless risks. 

But in both cases, keep in mind that: 


  • You should only invest money you can lose. Don’t go and bet your rent money on a whim; it’s the biggest mistake you can make! Take it one step at a time and increase your investments only if you make enough money. 


  • It is essential to diversify your portfolio to dilute the risks. Don’t put your entire budget into a single investment because you risk losing everything if everything goes wrong. In this logic, combining stock market shares and cryptocurrencies is perfectly possible! The best thing to do is to vary between stable long-term investments and try a few riskier “poker moves” in parallel. 


Go step by step 

The best way is to go step by step by starting to invest in virtually a defined budget. Just write down your portfolio allocation and follow the prices to see what you would have gained or lost. Once you feel comfortable, start investing a small amount and gradually increase as you gain experience. 



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